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Terry Keepers and Sylvia Keepers


Homesteading the Soul:
A Spiritual Apprenticeship with a Prairie Grandfather

by Terry Keepers, Ph.D.

Terry Keepers, Homesteading the Soul: Prairie history, Spiritualism, wisdom, Hugo, ColoradoHomesteading the Soul by Terry Keepers chronicles the remarkable relationship between a city boy and his prairie grandfather. The youngster finds wisdom, strength, and an appreciation of life’s passages through mentorship with his grandfather, who guides by story and example.

Each episode presents revelations to the boy, though he doesn’t understand their soul-making value until he is grown. Another layer explores the meanings of these experiences for the boy as an adult and their import for others. The boy, now a young man, finds his dream life haunted with visions of his recently deceased grandfather—who shows him the way even beyond the grave.
Among the powerful human dramas and social dilemmas of America’s wartime past, “boy” finds wisdom, strength, and an appreciation of life’s passages through his remarkable relationship with a prairie grandfather. Evocative, heartwarming, edifying, soul nourishing, Homesteading the Soul is compelling reading that moves us to tears and laughter and new understandings of our own lives. It is a celebration of the power of love and an exploration of the growth of the soul presented in a personal and captivating way.


SMART! A Reading Tutor’s Guide
Helping Teens Read, Think and Act Smarter
by Sylvia Keepers

Sylvia Keepers, SMART! One-to-one reading instruction, homeschool reading, reading tutor's guideSMART! A Reading Tutor’s Guide by Sylvia Keepers is a complete handbook for adults who want to help teens excel at reading and learning. SMART! is also an indispensable aid in setting up a tutoring practice. It covers all aspects of one-to-one reading instruction from word recognition through in-depth understanding at the advanced high school level. With this guide, any educated person, even one who has never taught before, can help teens read well, love reading and become motivated, independent learners.

While this book focuses on teaching teens, its use isn’t confined to one age group. Teachers who work with younger children are using the ideas in SMART! to help their students become more confident, enthusiastic readers. At the same time, instructors of college students and adults are finding practices here to help their students master the demands of higher level academic reading.

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